RJDBC - Allows the use of JDBC to access databases from R


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The SVN repository for this project can be checked out using
svn co svn://svn.rforge.net/RJDBC/trunk RJDBC

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


To list branches use

svn ls svn://svn.rforge.net/RJDBC/branches
and for tags use
svn ls svn://svn.rforge.net/RJDBC/tags

Most recent GIT commits

23a163f1| Simon Urbanek | Fri Jan 5 18:00:42 2018 -0500
NEWS ready for 0.2-6 release
 M       NEWS

a9ad46d9| Simon Urbanek | Fri Jan 5 18:00:23 2018 -0500
add dbReadTable doc signature
 M       man/JDBCConnection-methods.Rd

1ed58e14| Simon Urbanek | Tue Feb 7 15:38:49 2017 -0500
add column name/label test
 M       test.sh

6472147f| Simon Urbanek | Tue Feb 7 15:38:35 2017 -0500
udpate NEWS
 M       NEWS

7f1c1eec| Simon Urbanek | Tue Feb 7 15:37:34 2017 -0500
use column label as variable name; list column name as field.name and label as name in dbColumnInfo() (closes #36)
 M       R/class.R