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Create a new hbaseScan object


Function to create a scan object, which can then be used by fetch to fetch output from an hbase table.


hbaseScan(table, start, end, family, column, cacheSize = 10L)



an object of class hbaseTable on which to perform the scan.


character object of length one, giving the starting key for the scan.


character object of length one, giving the end key for the scan. The scan returns anything in the range [start,end); in other words, a key matching end will not be returned.


an optional character vector describing which column families should be included in the results.

If the column input is missing, the format to family should be of the form 'family:column', where a missing column is interpreted as wanting the entire family.

For both cases, names need to be an exact match to the column family or qualifier names. Family names must match an extant family name for the given table, otherwise an error will be thrown; conversely, non-matching column names will simply be ignored.


an option character vector describing which columns (also called column qualifiers) are to be returned from the scan. If supplied, it must be of the same length as family and will be interpreted by relating every element in family with the coorisponding element in column and returning only those cells with a column from the associated column family.


an integer giving the maximum number of rows to return from the scanner on any particular call. Should usually be equal to the maximum length that will be supplied to subsequent calls to fetch.


The function creates a new hbaseScan-class object, which can then be called on using the link{fetch} method to fetch lines of data matching the given query. See the documentation on the class and methods for more details.


a single hbaseScan-class object.


Taylor Arnold, Simon Urbanek

See Also

hbaseScan, hbaseTable, link{fetch}


## Not run: 
  table = hbaseTable("household_demographics")
  scannner = hbaseScan(table, start="doe", end="smith",
                       family = c("e:income", "g:num_adults"))
  fetch(scannner, max.row=10)

## End(Not run)

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