iobj.opt {iplots}R Documentation

Modify parameters of an iObject


This function modifies parameters of an iObject.





object whose options are to be set


options to be set


If no parameters (except for the object) are specified, a list of the current parameters is returned (if supported by the object).

The following common parameters are used by most iObjects:

visible visibility flag. The default is TRUE.

layer layer in which the object is placed. Currently the following layers are supported: 0 - background, 1 - data points, 2 - selection, 3 - drag boxes. The value -1 has a special meaning by denoting the topmost layer (which is the default)

col drawing color of the object

fill filling color of the object (where applicable). If set to NA then no filling is performed.

coord coordinates system to use. 0=graphical coordinates, 1=data space coordinates (default), 2=relative coordinates.

update if set to FALSE then no plot refresh is done after updating the options. When modifying multiple objects it is common practice to set update to FALSE for all but the last updated object. The default is TRUE.

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