itext {iplots}R Documentation

Add text to the current iPlot.


text adds the strings given in the vector labels at the coordinates given by x and y to the current iPlot. y may be missing since xy.coords(x,y) is used for construction of the coordinates.


itext(x, y=NULL, labels=seq(along=x), ax=NULL, ay=NULL, ..., plot = iplot.cur())


x, y

Coordinate vectors of the text. xy.coords is used to obtain the coordinates.


one or more character strings or expressions specifying the text to be written.

ax, ay

anchor coordinates of the text. They specify where is the point specified by x and y relative to the text. 0 means left resp. top and 1 means right/bottom. Therefore vertically and horizontally centered text can be obtained by using ax=0.5 and ay=0.5.


any additional options are passed to iobj.opt


parent plot


Resulting iObject.

See Also

ilines, iobj.opt

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