daemon_stop {servr}R Documentation

Utilities for daemonized servers


The server functions in this package will return server handles if daemonized servers were used (e.g., servr::httd(daemon = TRUE)). You can pass the handles to daemon_stop() to stop the daemonized servers. Because stopping a daemonized server more than once using httpuv::stopDaemonizedServer() will crash the R session, this function will check if a server has been stopped before really attempting to stop it, so it is safer than the stopDaemonizedServer() in httpuv.


daemon_stop(which = daemon_list())




the server handles returned by server functions; by default, all existing handles in the current R session obtained from daemon_list(), i.e., all daemon servers will be stopped by default


The function daemon_list() returns a list of existing server handles, and daemon_stop() returns an invisible NULL.

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