Class REXPLanguage

  extended by org.rosuda.REngine.REXP
      extended by org.rosuda.REngine.REXPVector
          extended by org.rosuda.REngine.REXPList
              extended by org.rosuda.REngine.REXPLanguage

public class REXPLanguage
extends REXPList

represents a language object in R

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.rosuda.REngine.REXP
attr, maxDebugItems
Constructor Summary
REXPLanguage(RList list)
REXPLanguage(RList list, REXPList attr)
Method Summary
 boolean isLanguage()
          check whether the REXP object is a language object
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asList, asNativeJavaObject, isList, isPairList, isRecursive, length, toDebugString, toString
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isNA, isVector
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Constructor Detail


public REXPLanguage(RList list)


public REXPLanguage(RList list,
                    REXPList attr)
Method Detail


public boolean isLanguage()
Description copied from class: REXP
check whether the REXP object is a language object

isLanguage in class REXP
true if the receiver is a language object, false otherwise