Class LoaderFLF

  extended by org.rosuda.ibase.LoaderFLF

public class LoaderFLF
extends java.lang.Object

Loader for FLF (Fast Loading Files) data format. FLF is a simple (text-based) format that is optimized to allow fast loading. In addition to regualar ASCII text formats it contains metainformation that allow the program to pre-allocate buffers and there is no need for type guessing. The actual format is line-based and starts with FLF1 magic line followed by headers. Those are terminated by an empty line which is followed byt he actual data. FLF1 headers ** : mandatory properties: fs: rec: data ** [@][...] [] (as many lines as there are records) types ** INT - integer, no TSP FLT - float, no TSP PLN - polygons, no TSP (for data format see below) FAC - factor TSP: ... the data consist of level indices (starting at 0); -1 denotes NA The flag @ after a type denotes that there are missing values. Any data beyond the last record of the last field are silently discarded. PLN - polygons, no TSP data are more tricky: <# of segments (polygons) for this case> (-1 = NA, structures below are not stored then; currently 0 is silently converted to -1) <# of points in this poly> (currently ignored and should be always "L" = land; later may be "W" for water etc. ) .. .. []

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int load( f, SVarSet set)
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Constructor Detail


public LoaderFLF()
Method Detail


public int load( f,
                SVarSet set)