Class MapCanvas

  extended by org.rosuda.ibase.toolkit.PlotComponent
      extended by org.rosuda.ibase.toolkit.PGSCanvas
          extended by org.rosuda.ibase.toolkit.BaseCanvas
              extended by org.rosuda.ibase.plots.MapCanvas
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.event.ActionListener, java.awt.event.KeyListener, java.awt.event.MouseListener, java.awt.event.MouseMotionListener, java.awt.print.Printable, java.util.EventListener, Commander, Dependent

public class MapCanvas
extends BaseCanvas

implementation of maps (uses BaseCanvas)

$Id: 2296 2006-04-26 14:34:10Z wichtreyt $

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allow180, allowDragMove, allowDragZoom, allowZoom, alphaHighlighting, autoAdjustMargins, baseDrag, baseDragX1, baseDragX2, baseDragY1, baseDragY2, borderColor, borderColorSel, C_BLACK, changingHilitingNeedsUpdateRoot, COL_INVALID, COL_OUTLINE, COL_SELBG, COL_ZOOMBG, defaultMBottom, defaultMBottom1, defaultMBottom2, defaultMBottom3, defaultMLeft, defaultMLeft1, defaultMLeft2, defaultMLeft3, defaultMRight, defaultMRight1, defaultMRight2, defaultMRight3, defaultMTop, defaultMTop1, defaultMTop2, defaultMTop3, dontCache, dontPaint, fillColor, fillColorSel, fillInside, H, horizontalMedDist, horizontalMinDist, ignoreNotifications, inQuery, inZoom, isExtQuery, lastQueriedIndex, lastQueriedPrimitive, m, M_ALPHADOWN, M_ALPHAUP, M_RESETZOOM, M_SETCB1, M_SETCB64, M_TRANSHIGHL, mBottom, MItransHighl, mLeft, mouseX, mouseY, moveDrag, mRight, mTop, objectClipping, opAx, opAy, orientation, paintOutline, pop, pp, ppAlpha, ppAlphaH, qi, queryables, resizeOnRotate, rotateYLabels, rotateYLabelsBy, selDrag, selectedPaintOutline, seperateAlphas, showOnlyHilited, showQuery, updateGeometry, verticalMedDist, verticalMinDist, W, xLabels, yLabels, zoomDrag, zoomRetainsAspect, zoomSequence
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ax, ay, cancel, desc, inProgress, intDlg, myFrame, pageFormat, paintLayerCounter, pm
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Constructor Summary
MapCanvas(int gd, java.awt.Frame f, SVar mv, SMarker mark)
Method Summary
 SVar getData(int id)
          this method provides an API to fetch data contents of the plot.
 void keyTyped(java.awt.event.KeyEvent e)
 java.lang.String queryObject(int i)
 java.lang.Object run(java.lang.Object o, java.lang.String cmd)
          default handing of commands "exportPGS" and "exportPS".
 void updateObjects()
          rebuilds plot primitives - subclasses should override this method.
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actionPerformed, addXLabels, addXLabels, addXLabels, addXLabels, addYLabels, addYLabels, addYLabels, adjustMargin, createMenu, dispose, endAddingLabels, getAxisQuery, getAxisX, getAxisY, getBoundValues, getDefaultMLeft, getFirstPrimitiveContaining, getMBottom, getMinimumSize, getMLeft, getMRight, getMTop, getPrimitivesContaining, getPrimitivesIntersecting, isShowLabels, keyPressed, keyReleased, mouseClicked, mouseDragged, mouseEntered, mouseExited, mouseMoved, mousePressed, mouseReleased, Notifying, paintBack, paintInit, paintObjects, paintPoGraSS, paintPost, paintSelected, performZoomIn, performZoomIn, performZoomOut, queryObject, queryPlotSpace, resetZoom, rotate, rotate, setAxDefaultGeometry, setAyDefaultGeometry, setColors, setDefaultMargins, setExtQueryString, setMBottom, setMLeft, setMRight, setMTop, setQueryText, setQueryText, setQueryText, setShowLabels, startAddingLabels, useExtQuery
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Constructor Detail


public MapCanvas(int gd,
                 java.awt.Frame f,
                 SVar mv,
                 SMarker mark)
Method Detail


public void updateObjects()
Description copied from class: BaseCanvas
rebuilds plot primitives - subclasses should override this method. It is not defined as abstract only for convenience, but minimal subclass simply overrides this method.

updateObjects in class BaseCanvas


public java.lang.String queryObject(int i)
queryObject in class BaseCanvas


public void keyTyped(java.awt.event.KeyEvent e)
Specified by:
keyTyped in interface java.awt.event.KeyListener
keyTyped in class BaseCanvas


public java.lang.Object run(java.lang.Object o,
                            java.lang.String cmd)
Description copied from class: PGSCanvas
default handing of commands "exportPGS" and "exportPS". Any descendant should call,cmd) to retain this functionality

Specified by:
run in interface Commander
run in class BaseCanvas
o - origin of the command
cmd - command string
any object, the actual interpretation is up to the calling object


public SVar getData(int id)
Description copied from class: PGSCanvas
this method provides an API to fetch data contents of the plot. The id is implementation-dependent, but first two variables x and y should be mapped to 0 and 1 correspondingly. Therefore every plot containting data must support getData(0). For invalid ids null is returned.

getData in class PGSCanvas