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Micro Logging


ulog logs the supplied message using the ulog facility which typically corresponsed to syslog. See ulog Rserve configuration for the various endpoints supported by ulog (local, UDP/TCP remote, ...).

This function is guaranteed to be silent regardless of the ulog setting and is intended to have minimal performance impact.

Note: if Rserve is compiled with -DULOG_STDERR (also implied in the debug build) then ulog messages are also emitted on stderr with "ULOG: " prefix.

Please note that this ulog function is governed by the Rserve settings, and NOT the ulog package settings. The latter is a general port of the ulog logging facility to R, while Rserve::ulog is specific to to the Rserve process.





message to log


The logged string constructed from the message, invisibly


Simon Urbanek


ulog("INFO: My application started")

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