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GraphHopper Routes Class


GHRoutes is a class of objects representing results from the GraphHopper routing when output="gh" is used.

I behaves like a non-mutable list such that usual operations such as subsetting, element extraction, iteration and length() work as expected. However, the object should be consiered non-mutable, i.e., it is not possible to assign new values into an existing object. Although subsetting is allowed, concatenation is not.

The object itself contains Java references which enables low-level access to the underlying results using tha GraphHopper Java API.

It is the only result type which supports representation of alternative routes. If alt=TRUE is used then each (virtual) element contains a list of result paths of which the first one is considerend the best according to GraphHopper.

Note that this API is considered experimental and is subject to change.


Simon Urbanek

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