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Fast row-binding of lists and data frames


fdrbind lakes a list of data frames or lists and merges them together by rows very much like rbind does for its arguments. But unlike rbind it specializes on data frames and lists of columns only and performs the merge entriley at C leve which allows it to be much faster than rbind at the cost of generality.





lists of parts that can be either data frames or lists


All parts are expected to have the same number of columns in the same order. No column name matching is performed, they are merged by position. Also the same column in each part has to be of the same type, no coersion is performed at this point. The first part determines the column names, if any. If the parts contain data frames, their rownames are ignored, only the contents are merged. Attributes are not copied, which is intentional. Probaby the most common implocation is that ff you use factors, they must have all the same levels, otherwise you have to convert factor columns to strings first.


The merged data frame.


Simon Urbanek

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