Cairo is a graphics device for R which uses the cairo graphics library to provide high-quality output in various formats including bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), vector (PDF, PostScript, SVG) and on-screen (X11, Windows). It supports alpha-blending (semi-transparent painting), anti-aliasing and font embedding. Since the same engine is used for rendering on-screen and off-screen, is possible to create output WYSIWYG-like output. In addition, it has capabilities to track versions of the device content and provide custom locator function, making it ideal for interactive and Web-based systems such as RCloud.

See the files section for the latest release.

See also main RForge page and GitHub repository.


For the latest release use

For the latest development version, use

install.packages("Cairo", repo="")


Building from this repository

This repostiroy does NOT include the actual package but rather source files necessary to create one. In order to create a valid package you need GNU autoconf. To build the package, run

sh mkdist

in the root of the repository which will create a tar-ball containing the Cairo package.