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GIT repository access

The GIT repository for this project can be cloned using
git clone --recursive kimisc
see also kimisc GitHub repository.

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


Binaries (if avalable) can be installed using


Most recent GIT commits

888ad27e| Simon Urbanek | Sun Dec 11 14:58:34 2022 -0600
add check flags; generate docs using pkgdown
 M       maintenance/daily

987e1fb4| Simon Urbanek | Sun Dec 11 14:54:52 2022 -0600
don't require svn repo
 M       cgi-bin/projhtml

acebbd33| Simon Urbanek | Sun Dec 11 14:54:12 2022 -0600
add link to <proj>/docs if present
 M       cgi-bin/

3356472a| Simon Urbanek | Sun Dec 11 14:26:41 2022 -0600
switch to R-based mk.PACKAGES
 M       maintenance/mk.PACKAGES

d5dfa3d8| Simon Urbanek | Sun Aug 29 00:09:24 2021 -0500
import r62 from svn to git
 A       cgi-bin/
 A       cgi-bin/
 A       cgi-bin/
 A       cgi-bin/
 A       cgi-bin/
 A       cgi-bin/check
 A       cgi-bin/files
 A       cgi-bin/githook
 A       cgi-bin/
 A       cgi-bin/projhtml
 A       cgi-bin/queue
 A       cgi-bin/rf
 A       htdocs/main.css
 A       ihtml/addproj.html
 A       ihtml/adduser.html
 A       ihtml/all.html
 A       ihtml/docs.html
 A       ihtml/header.html
 A       ihtml/index.html
 A       ihtml/prefs.html
 A       ihtml/request.html
 A       maintenance/R
 A       maintenance/add-to-build-queue
 A       maintenance/backup
 A       maintenance/daily
 A       maintenance/giturl
 A       maintenance/install.deps
 A       maintenance/listproj
 A       maintenance/mk.PACKAGES
 A       maintenance/
 A       maintenance/rmdup
 A       maintenance/runX11
 A       maintenance/src/Makefile
 A       maintenance/src/newsvnproj.c
 A       maintenance/su.idep.c
 A       maintenance/sudaily.c
 A       maintenance/svn-post-commit
 A       maintenance/sync-builds-repos
 A       maintenance/syncsvn
 A       maintenance/update-bin-repos
 A       maintenance/updatesvn
 A       maintenance/vm/common
 A       maintenance/vm/run.queue
 A       projects/common/map
 A       projects/common/web/git.html
 A       projects/common/web/index.html
 A       projects/common/web/news.html
 A       projects/common/web/svn.html
 A       projects/footer.html
 A       projects/header.html
 A       svnweb/index.html
 A       svnweb/index.txt