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GIT repository access

The GIT repository for this project can be cloned using
git clone --recursive knitr
see also knitr GitHub repository.

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


Binaries (if avalable) can be installed using


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ace38d12| Yihui Xie | Mon Sep 8 19:04:57 2014 -0500
did I miss ; here?
 M       shippable.yml

be93cb36| Yihui Xie | Mon Sep 8 18:37:17 2014 -0500
assume knitr-examples is cloned to the code directory
 M       shippable.yml

62199baa| Yihui Xie | Mon Sep 8 18:11:31 2014 -0500
wrong URL for git clone
 M       Makefile

51957437| Yihui Xie | Mon Sep 8 18:10:51 2014 -0500
move `make shippable` from Makefile to shippable.yml
 M       Makefile
 M       shippable.yml

c9ac8c82| Yihui Xie | Mon Sep 8 18:04:26 2014 -0500
bump version