Package org.rosuda.JGR.toolkit

Class Summary
AboutDialog AboutDialog - show splashscreen with authors and copyright information
ConsoleOutput ConsoleOutput - implementation of a textpane providing different export possibilities.
ConsoleSync ConsoleSync - notifys when commands are in the queue and send them.
DataTable DataTable - implementation of a simple spreadsheet for showing and editing SVarSets.
FileSelector FileSelector - use AWT filedialog on a Mac because of look&feel, and SWING on other machines because it provides more features.
FontTracker FontTracker - collect all componentes and apply prefs-font to them
FunctionList FunctionList - implemenation of a JList with some JGR specific features.
IconButton IconButton - special button with an icon for JGR toolbars.
InsertRemoveUndoManager InsertRemoveUndoManager - undo only insertion and remove events.
JavaGD Implementation of JavaGD which uses TJFrame instead of Frame
JComboBoxExt JComboBoxExt - add JTextField in a JComboBox.
JGRListener JGRListener - an actionlistener listening menuitems which the user added to the console on-the-fly.
JGRPrefs JGRPrefs - preferences like fonts colors ....
JGRStyledDocument JGRStyledDocument - apply styled when inserting text.
ModelBrowserTable ModelBrowserTable - show models, and provide possibility to compare them
ObjectBrowserTree ObjectBrowserTree - show RObjects and supports dynamically loading of childs.
PlatformMac This is just an example of what individaul implementations may want to do in order to make the handlers work.
ProgressLabel !!
SelectionPreservingCaret Caret implementation that doesn't blow away the selection when we lose focus.
SplashScreen SplashScreen
SyntaxArea SyntaxArea - extends JTextPane and provides bracketmatching.
SyntaxDocument SytnaxDocument - provides R-Syntaxhighlighting.
SyntaxInput SyntaxInput - is responsible for codecompletion and helpagent
TextFinder TextFinder - find specified pattern in attached textcomponent
TextPager Simple text pager that displays a specified file.
TextTransferHandler TextTransferHandler - copied out of the Java sources, because i need it as accessible class.
ToolBar ToolBar - icon toolbar for console and editor
WinListener WinListener - just a little modification of ibase.WinListener.