Package org.rosuda.JRI

low level Java/R Interface


Interface Summary
RMainLoopCallbacks Interface which must be implmented by any class that wants to pose as the call-back handler for R event loop callbacks.

Class Summary
Mutex This class implements a (not so) simple mutex.
RBool Implementation of tri-state logical data type in R.
RConsoleOutputStream RConsoleOutputStream provides an OutputStream which causes its output to be written to the R console.
Rengine Rengine class is the interface between an instance of R and the Java VM.
REXP This class encapsulates and caches R objects as returned from R.
RFactor representation of a factor variable.
RList implementation of R-lists
This is rather preliminary and may change in future since it's not really proper.
RVector class encapsulating named generic vectors in R - do NOT use add/remove directly as names are not synchronized with the contents.

Package org.rosuda.JRI Description

low level Java/R Interface