Package org.rosuda.deducer.widgets

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ButtonGroupWidget A DeducerWidget containing a a group of radio buttons.
CheckBoxesWidget A DeducerWidget containing a series of check boxes The state (or model) is a Vector of the names of the selected buttons
ComboBoxWidget A drop-down combo-box
ListWidget Implements a list
RDialog A JDialog that keeps track of any widgets put into it or widgets put into an RDialog of which it is owner.
RDialogMonitor Calls an R function at periodic intervals while the dialog is active.
SimpleRDialog An easy dialog designed to be called from R
SimpleRSubDialog A simple dialog designed to be used with an RDialog (or SimpleRDialog) owner.
SingleVariableWidget Creates a widget for selecting a single variable from a VariableSelector
SliderWidget A slider with values ranging from 0-100
TextAreaWidget A widget for entering text
VariableListWidget A widget for selecting a number of variables from a data frame