All functions

`$`(<Throwable>) `$<-`(<Throwable>)

Exception handling


High level API for accessing Java

.DollarNames(<jobjRef>) .DollarNames(<jarrayRef>) .DollarNames(<jrectRef>) .DollarNames(<jclassName>)

Field/method operator for Java objects

as.list(<jobjRef>) as.list(<jarrayRef>)

Converts java objects or arrays to R lists


Object cloner

`%instanceof%` .jinstanceof()

Is a java object an instance of a given java class

.jarray() .jevalArray()

Java array handling functions

jarrayRef-class [,jarrayRef-method [[,jarrayRef-method [[ head,jarrayRef-method tail,jarrayRef-method length,jarrayRef-method str,jarrayRef-method unique,jarrayRef-method duplicated,jarrayRef-method anyDuplicated,jarrayRef-method sort,jarrayRef-method rev,jarrayRef-method min,jarrayRef-method max,jarrayRef-method range,jarrayRef-method

Class "jarrayRef" Reference to an array Java object


java tools used internally in rJava


Attach mechanism for java packages


Call a Java method


Cast a Java object to another class


Ensures that a given object is an array reference

.jcheck() .jthrow() .jgetEx() .jclear()

Java exception handling

jclassName-class as.character,jclassName-method

Class "jclassName" - a representation of a Java class name


Java callback engineCast a Java object to another class

.jequals() .jcompare()

Comparing Java References

.jfield() `.jfield<-`()

Obtains the value of a field

jfloat-class jlong-class jbyte-class jchar-class

Classes "jfloat", "jlong", "jbyte" and "jchar" specify Java native types that are not native in R

.jfloat() .jlong() .jbyte() .jchar() .jshort()

Wrap numeric vector as flat Java parameter


Invoke Java Garbage Collection

.jinit() .jvmState()

Initialize Java VM


rJava memory profiler


Create a Java object

.jnull() is.jnull()

Java null object reference


Class "jobjRef" - Reference to a Java object


Initialize an R package containing Java code

jrectRef-class [,jrectRef-method length,jrectRef-method str,jrectRef-method dim,jrectRef-method dim unique,jrectRef-method duplicated,jrectRef-method anyDuplicated,jrectRef-method sort,jrectRef-method rev,jrectRef-method min,jrectRef-method max,jrectRef-method range,jrectRef-method

Rectangular java arrays

.jconstructors() .jmethods() .jfields()

Simple helper functions for Java reflection

.jserialize() .junserialize() .jcache()

Java object serialization


Converts Java object to a simple scalar if possible

.jaddClassPath() .jclassPath() .jclassLoader()

Java Class Loader


Create a new Java object

rep,jarrayRef-method rep,jobjRef-method rep,jrectRef-method

Creates java arrays by cloning

show,jobjRef-method str,jobjRef-method show,jarrayRef-method show,jclassName-method

Show a Java Object Reference


Convert R objects to REXP references in Java

with(<jobjRef>) within(<jobjRef>) with(<jarrayRef>) within(<jarrayRef>) with(<jclassName>) within(<jclassName>)

with and within methods for Java objects and class names