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The SVN repository for this project can be checked out using
svn co svn://svn.rforge.net/rJava/trunk rJava

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


To list branches use

svn ls svn://svn.rforge.net/rJava/branches
and for tags use
svn ls svn://svn.rforge.net/rJava/tags

Most recent GIT commits

e3885364| Simon Urbanek | Fri May 22 14:59:25 2015 -0400
make .jarray aware of jshort, closes #40
 M       NEWS
 M       src/Rglue.c

f676d7b2| Simon Urbanek | Fri May 22 14:48:07 2015 -0400
clean up some JavaDoc errors
 M       src/java/RJavaArrayTools.java
 M       src/java/RJavaClassLoader.java
 M       src/java/RJavaImport.java
 M       src/java/RJavaTools.java

628f363b| Simon Urbanek | Fri May 22 14:40:26 2015 -0400
clarify SystemRequirements

e53fa768| Simon Urbanek | Fri Jan 30 09:22:45 2015 -0500
add .jsimplify(..., promote=TRUE), closes #39
 M       NEWS
 M       R/reflection.R
 M       man/jsimplify.Rd

5c32e537| Simon Urbanek | Sat Sep 6 09:23:51 2014 -0400
update REngine submodule (includes fix for #29)
 M       jri/REngine