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GIT repository access

The GIT repository for this project can be cloned using
git clone --recursive https://github.com/att/rcloud.params rcloud.params
see also rcloud.params GitHub repository.

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


Binaries (if avalable) can be installed using


Most recent GIT commits

8f74f564| Gordon Woodhull | Mon Oct 19 15:28:56 2015 -0400
update to invoke_context_callback
 M       inst/javascript/rcloud.params.js

00e59d77| Gordon Woodhull | Sun Oct 18 05:11:39 2015 -0400
disable submit button after clicking

fixes #8
 M       inst/javascript/rcloud.params.js

67f462c3| Gordon Woodhull | Sun Oct 18 04:34:07 2015 -0400
update README

basic documentation of current functionality
 M       README.md

1ffa6fa0| Gordon Woodhull | Sun Oct 18 04:30:48 2015 -0400
type parameter

unused, but mandatory if there is no default
 M       R/rcloud.params.R
 M       inst/javascript/rcloud.params.js

308b93f4| Gordon Woodhull | Sun Oct 18 03:09:28 2015 -0400
distinguish default from value better

there are probably still bugs here
 M       R/rcloud.params.R
 M       inst/javascript/rcloud.params.js