canvas - R graphics device for the HTML canvas element


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The SVN repository for this project can be checked out using
svn co svn:// canvas

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


To list branches use

svn ls svn://
and for tags use
svn ls svn://

Most recent SVN commits

r24 | horner | 2010-04-26 20:50:19 +0000 (Mon, 26 Apr 2010) | 2 lines
   M trunk/src/canvas.c
Graphics Device was not setting the size. Fixed.

r23 | horner | 2010-04-07 15:25:25 +0000 (Wed, 07 Apr 2010) | 2 lines
Updating version

r22 | horner | 2010-04-07 15:23:16 +0000 (Wed, 07 Apr 2010) | 2 lines
   M example.R
   D trunk/src/Makevars
Removing GNU make stuff

r17 | horner | 2009-04-02 15:30:28 +0000 (Thu, 02 Apr 2009) | 2 lines
   M example.R
   D plots
   M trunk/R/canvas.R
   M web/index.html
   A web/plots (from /plots:15)
   M web/plots/graphics1.html
   M web/plots/graphics10.html
   M web/plots/graphics2.html
   M web/plots/graphics3.html
   M web/plots/graphics4.html
   M web/plots/graphics5.html
   M web/plots/graphics6.html
   M web/plots/graphics7.html
   M web/plots/graphics8.html
   M web/plots/graphics9.html
   M web/plots/hershey1.html
   M web/plots/hershey2.html
   M web/plots/homepage.html
   M web/plots/index.html
   M web/plots/lines.html
   M web/plots/persp4.html
   M web/plots/plotcol2d.html
   M web/plots/plotmath1.html
   M web/plots/polyart.html
   M web/plots/symbols.html
   A web/plots/transparent.html
   A web/plots/transparent.js
   A web/plots/transparent.png
Adding canvas gallery.