FSA - Fisheries stock assessment methods.


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The GIT repository for this project can be cloned using
git clone --recursive https://github.com/droglenc/FSA FSA
see also FSA GitHub repository.

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


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Most recent GIT commits

98cf3cac| Derek Ogle | Fri Apr 8 17:30:47 2022 -0500
Fixed bug in confint.boot related to car::Confint
 M       NEWS.md
 M       R/bootstrap.R
 A       inst/extdata/Boot1.RData
 D       inst/extdata/bootCase1.RData
 M       inst/extdata/nlsBoot1.RData
 M       tests/testthat/testthat_bootstrap.R

ad2a65fd| Merge: 2ac7f3ca e9313503
Derek Ogle | Fri Mar 18 21:30:10 2022 -0500

Merge pull request #90 from fishR-Core-Team/88-alkindivage-fails-ungracefully-if-na-in-length-variable-of-length-sample

Added check for NA with error message in alkIndivAge(). This closes #88

e9313503| Derek Ogle | Fri Mar 18 21:16:49 2022 -0500
Added tests and news change for fix to #88
 M       NEWS.md
 M       R/ageComparisons.R
 M       tests/testthat/testthat_AgeLengthKey.R

af7fb0b8| Derek Ogle | Fri Mar 18 21:15:46 2022 -0500
Fixed minor typo in agePrecision documentation
 M       man/agePrecision.Rd

fa27dd3a| Jason Doll | Fri Mar 18 08:24:38 2022 -0400
Added check for NA with error message in alkIndivAge().
 M       R/alkIndivAge.R